Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching can be for one’s personal or professional life wherever one is feeling stuck.

Coaching is an interaction between a coach and coachee through a structured process to explore opportunities for development. It is a collective thinking process that the coach facilitates by asking exploratory questions and listening. This leads to self-discovery on the part of the coachee leading to behavioural changes and breakthrough.

For eg some areas one could explore coaching in: Wanting to take success to the next level. Improve communication, relationships, gaining self confidence,. etc. having a coach by your side would be a great idea.

A good professional Coach will be a thinking partner for you, someone who will create a safe space free of judgement to support you to realize your goals.

Arunanjali is an ICF trained Executive and Life Coach. 20 years of experience as a powerful facilitator in designing and delivering Capability Enhancement solutions. Providing Learning Solutions that match the client’s needs and participant’s preferences is her forte. It is her mission to inspire people to unleash their full potential, through impactful facilitation and powerful coaching.

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