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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Airtel mCommerce Services Ltd
Allahabad Bank
AmaraRaja Group
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Brookfield Asset Management
Brookfield Properties
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Credit Mantri
Credit Suisse
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Exide Life Insurance
Franklin Templeton Investments
Fresh Desk
Godrej Housing Finance Ltd
Harvard Business School - India Research Center
HDFC General Insurance
Hero Vired
Hindustan Times
IDBI Federal
Capital First
Indus Towers
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JK Tyres
Kotak Mahindra Bank
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Womens World Banking
World Health Organization
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Nirupama Vishwanath , Equal Opportunities Commission, Hong Kong

"Despite the limited time given, TSoL did a great job with providing participants at the EOC session with an understanding of Unconscious Bias and how it impacts our decision making. With a mix of presentation and activities, they were able to demonstrate ideas and further participants’ engagement with the concept. The positive feedback overall is testament to the high quality of their training."

Payal Biswas ,Youth Development Officer, Hong Kong Unison

"The workshop was very good and you both covered all the points we spoke about. I like the high energy games/activity.

The awardees shared that they never had this kind of training before so they found it very useful and practical. They like they fact that you asked them to practice the models. One awardee has participated in similar program before and felt this was a good "re-cap"session for her.

Thank you both for a great, tailor made workshop"

Erica Tse ,Manager - Learning & Development, HKIHRM

Your Lunch and Learn session: Mind Over Matter Quiz brought joy to participants and was one of the most interesting topics in the seminar. It was an honour for HKIHRM to have you as one of our resource promoters.

Tiffany Hong , Senior Vice President | FTS - Administration | Franklin Templeton Investments

Thank you all for helping to arrange for a very collaborative and fun team building activity last week in Hyderabad. Everyone enjoyed it – and laughed so much! We could not have done it without you. Vidya Raman is an excellent facilitator – flexible, experienced and full of energy. I would feel comfortable recommending her for future events. Thanks again for your help and just hospitality last week. Hope to see you all soon.

Venkat Subramanian Director - Client Contact Centre Citibank Singapore Limited

Srividya and Meeta, Thank you for specially designing the enhanced Service and Sales training program for Contact Centre Singapore. This training program was not only an eye opener for of our Phone officers but also a revelation to our Trainers who attended this program. The feedback from the 70 officers who attended the program was very encouraging. Our trainers specifically benefited from the Train the Trainer program & have now moved away from being a “Teacher” to “Facilitator”. This has helped them to connect well with the audience and importantly get the right message across.

Archisman Chatterjee, Flipkart Ecosystem Team

Just wanted to let you know that we are getting very good feedback from sellers on the content that you had prepared. Great job done!

Here are some enthusiastic comments from our users:-
"Really helped a lot to understand Returns better"
"The course is well structured and very easy to understand"
"Learning and fun"
"Very impressive courses"
"Nice Work"

Ram (a) Geetharamanan Selvarajan, PMP Manager, Amazon Development Center, Chennai.

"Translating vision into measurable performance"!

As your motto speaks, your team delivers. The outcome of all my training efforts along with Tvameva was so much more than I expected. I loved working with people @ Tvameva who are passionate about their work and deliver to their fullest potential. Tvameva's ability to provide quantification models to measure the success and impact of the training programs is the silver line of excellence. Thanks for everything and adding value strings to my teams in multiple occasions.

I look forward to working with you, Tvameva! I personally learnt a lot from your culture.

Gordon Silvey - Global Head of Customer Development TVS Logistics Services Ltd

"We look forward to continuing to work closely with you as we roll out Modules 1 and 2 early next year and throughout 2013 / 14"

Pradeep Puranam –AGM, TVS Logistics

"We really liked the program you’ve co-created and facilitated for TVS Logistics. The TVS Logistics Way Program has had a generous sprinkle of relevant and lively activities, great attention to detail and to all participants and a dash of humor. We’ve enjoyed working with Tvameva"

Sharatee Ghosh | Sr, VP - Customer Experience Unit

I feel privileged to write a reference letter for Tvameva in regard to both your methodology approach and the quality of your trainers.

We engaged Tvameva to perform a two workshops over a period of time. The first was to motivate a support team to influence-without-authority our business teams and do a focused refresher for a large front-end customer facing team.

We appreciate that the Tvameva team could understand the gaps and adapt to our specific requests and provide a quality intervention. You were good, on time and on target. I recommendTvameva as a trusted partner for all behavioral training with strong functional knowhow backing that. Your expertise and methodologies are quite good, your processes for identifying interventions required was effective and reflected a clear understanding of Kotak Mahindra bank’s requirements.

You work with high level of honesty, integrity and the quality of your work was consistently good. I highly recommend Tvameva and any resource that you offer.

Usha Dinesh Vice President - Service Quality India Domestic Collections Tata Consultancy Services

Tvameva Solutions has done a Program for Supervisors for the Team at India Domestic Collections during the period October 2010 to March 2011.

Bringing in the service aspect to a Collections scenario is a unique venture, spearheaded by our Client and we wanted to ensure that our Supervisors, who we believe are the actual harbingers of change, are geared up to face the cultural cross over. Srividya Raman and Arunanjali Maria had sat in for discussions with us and shared with us their expertise in terms of how to bring in a change in the mind sets. In applying the tools and techniques they had developed, we were working towards ensuring a sea change, that would come about by appropriate scoping, study and application.

The Training Programs spread over a period of 6 months across 5 regions and we had close to 200 of our Supervisory Team members covered. In the process, we also realized that there was a need to get the Leadership Team to be a part of the sessions, and also undergo sessions themselves so that the cycle is complete and thought processes and flow of understanding and applying is seamless.

Thanks to the facilitation of Tvameva, and the disarming manner in which the sessions were conducted, we had complete participation and what turned out was a set of people embracing the change and wanting to be a part of the success story. The detailed sessions with individual case studies, situational demonstrations and conflict management helped very much in tuning the minds of the Team members into understanding the customer situations better and creating in them an awareness of how critical their roles are in taking the new thought processes on 'service with a smile' forward.

Our thanks to Srividya Raman, Arunanjali Maria and Meeta Jamkhedkar for their complete involvement in the Program and ensuring lively and completely participative sessions.

Best wishes to them for all their future endeavors.

Soumitra Gupta Regional Director - Human Resources , ASIA & CEEMEA Franklin Templeton Capital Holdings Pte Ltd. Singapore

I have known Srividya Raman for the last 16 years and as a professional I would rate her as one with a very keen insight in the space of learning and development . Her humaneness and ability to connect with human context and needs of individuals helps her to articulate a clear line of thought around what is needed. It is this skill of hers that will be the strongest leverage that she will bring in any work with organisations and people. I have worked with her on many learning situations in the past and have always experienced her as a trainer with incisive thinking and ability to connect the dots which is such a critical facet of learning.

As a consultant Srividya has strong listening skills and working with clients comes naturally to her based on her years of work in Citibank in customer centric roles. She brings a good blend of understanding customer needs and designing customised offerings and I can seee Tvameva bringing that edge to corporates and individuals they work with.

The team at Tvameva including Meeta and Arunjali are strong cutomer facing experienced resources with a deep penchant for facilitating individual and group development both at a tactical and a strategic level . Their cumulative diversified experience is their forte and their unified focus on creating that difference is what I believe will make Tvameva a successful partner with organisations"

Joe Thomas, Head - Human Resources Franklin Templeton Investments

Wanted to pass along the excellent feedback on the session you did with our global leaders.Congratulations & thank you.

Dr. Sangeeta Batra, Senior Director - Health Systems Ipas Development Foundation

I wish to sincerely thanks for a very engaging and interactive session. You and Kavita did a wonderful job of catching the full attention of the participants and brought out the right points, as desired by us. It was fun being a part of the sessions and all our participants enjoyed it a lot and hopefully have taken back the hidden messages with them.

Bronwen Smith – PR & Customer Relations Manager Crown Relocations Hong Kong

"Dear ladies, Thank you once again for coming in and delivering such high level presentations. Our members thoroughly enjoyed it and there was lots of positive feedback throughout. In the attached Dropbox folder are some photos from the event. Please feel free to copy and paste any you like to your own files and send me links to your businesses if you would like me to put the links up on our Facebook site. Hope this experience will lead to new synergies moving forward. Many thanks and keep in touch! Bronwen"

Allahabad Bank, Hong Kong

Thanks for the facilitation of Tvameva Staff i.e. Miss. Arunanjali and Miss. Soundri for coming in and delivering such high level presentation. . The presentation was very effective and the programme was designed according to the needs of team of our Bank. Our team members enjoyed a lot and had a positive feedback. The session with an individual case study, situational demonstration helped all the members in tuning their minds into understanding the situations and work environment better and creating an awareness about the roles which they possess in delivering their work.
We wish Tvameva team good luck for their future programmes.

Rajesh - Head DSN IT, Nokia

Hi Srividya & Arunanjali, Thank you very much for the friday training session. Personally I felt that we achieved what was planned and I have received positive comments from few others whom I spoke after that so overall a GOOD SUCCESS ,Thanks a LOT to you for all that . As below one of the article about how we can achieve something if only we think about it . I shared the same with team and thought of sharing with you also.

Nanda Kumar – Delivery Head TCS Telstra Partnership

"Tvameva has contributed in a substantial manner in changing the mind set of the India collection team. It was great working with you.. All the best."


Vinayshil Gautam PhD FRAS (London) First Head – Management Department, IIT D

This is to thank you for your distinguished contributions to our Conclave on “Organizing Development, Enterprise and Resources: An Approach to Managing for Results”. Your presence and your interactions were much appreciated by the participants, colleagues and students. Clearly the expectation we had in extending an invite to you was fulfilled in many ways. The Conclave stands in deep debt of your supportive approach.

Bhavani Raghunandhan - Principal, Vidya Mandir

Srividya has been training doing sessions with both the teachers and students of Vidya Mandir for almost 8 years now. We have sat together for the planning and strategy for the execution of several programmes.I see her as an extremely intelligent person and also a person who takes her work very seriously . But all the while she makes it look as if it is fun and very easy.She plans her programmes very well and the teachers like to interact with her because she not only relates very well with them but also talks a lot of sense.I must say that she is probably one of the very few from the corporate community whom I have met who can deal with the teaching community. Teachers believe that a school as an organisation works very differently from the corporate organisation. She chooses topics which we can relate to and use in our work. She has a very pleasing personality, is easy going, charming and has extremely good communication skills esp listening skills which for a trainer is a very valuable one. She has an uncanny ability to level with even older people all the while not appearing arrogant .She has been very respectful and one cannot help getting to like her as a person. Prefects whom she has trained always give a very good feedback not only about the session but also about her as a person.

Dr.Jayshree Suresh - Dean/MBA School of Management SRM University

We had a Faculty Development Programme done by Ms. Srividya Raman and Ms. Arunanjali.
They could deliver what was required. They understood our requirement and designed the programme accodingly.
Their feedback was instant very useful. The feedback helped the participants to improve.
Delivery was crisp ad very effective. We Wish them Good Luck

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